Welcome to the interactive website of our Registry.

If you have a register a new patient click on the option SEND DATA, followed by NEW PATIENT to fill the Registration Form (where you will collect all the data of the first 3 months after transplantation). The Registration Form has to be filled WITHIN the first 3 months after transplantation.

Clicking on PATIENT LIST you fill patient initials and the date of transplantation, at this point you may create the year of follow-up (clicking on CREATE NEW YEAR) and fill in the Annual Update or click on the filled Registration Form and modify or complete it.

Click on "save" every time you end a page. Please, don't forget to fill each page carefully including "yes" or "not".

At each time point of follow-up you have to fill the Annual Form and in case of upper extremity transplantation both HTSS and DASH scores.